About us

People never stop learning: they learn things from daily news, entertaining TV shows or books. Things can be different, but is it easy to tell which of them is a fact and which is a joke or a common misconception? We could but offer a helping hand, so we set ourselves a goal to achieve: to help people tell facts from fiction.

This project is a selection of the most versatile facts – and fictions – about the world around us. Every day you get 5 statements and a task to decide which of them is true and which is false. Don’t worry if the answer you give turns out to be wrong – you will still learn the right one. But correct answers can earn you 20 points each. You can also see the position you occupy in the overall rating of players based on your game score at all times and learn more truth that you could ever imagine!

The things you learn will always come in handy because it is knowledge that helps us take informed decisions in every sphere of life. Boost your knowledge, develop your logic and intuition with our project! Share the facts you learn with your friends, never stop learning and always be one step ahead of everybody else!